GeoExt 2 — JavaScript Toolkit for Rich Web Mapping Applications

GeoExt is Open Source and enables building desktop-like GIS applications through the web. It is a JavaScript framework that combines the GIS functionality of OpenLayers with the user interface of the ExtJS library provided by Sencha.

GeoExt 2.1.0 is built atop OpenLayers 2.13.1 and ExtJS 5.1.0 and provides full backward compatibility to ExtJS 4.2.1. So GeoExt 2.1 is usable either with ExtJS 5.1 or Ext 4.2.1. GeoExt 2.0.x is based on OpenLayers 2.13.1 and ExtJS 4.2.1 and is maintained in the v2.0.x-maintenance Branch.

About GeoExt

Since version 2.1.0, GeoExt is based upon ExtJS 4 and ExtJS 5.

This means GeoExt can be used just like any other Ext 4/5 component, and applications making use of GeoExt 2.1 also profit from Ext JS enhancements like charting, a harmonized API with Sencha Touch, support for the MVVM-Pattern, 2-way-binding and a sophisticated single-file build tool.

GeoExt 2 has been in the making for a long time, though most of the code has been written during a code sprint back in May 2012. We are deeply grateful that our sponsors helped make GeoExt 2 happen.

Now, have a look at the examples below, read the API documentation, the API documentation (including ExtJS 4 classes) API documentation (including ExtJS 5 classes) or checkout the code.

A screenshot of a MVC-example built with GeoExt


The current released version of GeoExt is 2.1.0.

Please download GeoExt 2.1.0, use it, and give feedback. Thanks!


What about GeoExt 1.x?

Of course you can still use GeoExt 1.x.

We will still be fixing bugs in the 1.x-series, but our development will mainly focus on GeoExt 2 and above.

Consider using the new and shiny GeoExt 2 when you decide to refactor your code or start a new project. As we strived for a very harmonized API between GeoExt 1 and 2, upgrading shouldn't be too hard.

Now: Get involved!